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The first few days and weeks (for a new tattoo) are probably the most important for your new tattoo. Make sure you care for it properly. Below is the healing procedure and do’s and don’ts we recommend. Because each individual is different, this may not always be the best recommendation for each person. We recommend you follow the advice of your tattoo artist first or seek the advice of a doctor.


1. Leave the bandage that you received after the tattoo on for 2 to 24 hours, as advised by your tattoo artist according to how your tattoo was bandaged. Tattoos will ooze, this is a normal part of the healing process. The bandage is there to keep airborne bacteria and any other contaminants in the environment from invading your wound.


2. Make sure your hands have been washed thoroughly before you remove the bandage and every time

you apply ointment or lotion to your healing tattoo.


3. After removing the bandage, cleanse the tattooed area with a mild or fragrance free soap and cool water. Do not scrub the tattoo with a brush or towel (this should not be done until the tattoo has healed). The idea behind the washing is to eliminate any dead cells that have been allowed to accumulate on the surface. Showering with your new tattoo is alright just avoid highly fragranced body washes.


4. Dry the tattooed area by gently patting the area with a clean, sterile paper towel.


5. Let the tattoo dry completely (approximately 10 minutes).


6. Apply a thin layer of ointment such as tattoo goo, H2 Ocean, or After Inked, or a fragrance free and dye free mild skin lotion to your tattoo. Reapply ointment or lotion 4-6 times daily for at least a week


7. You do not need to re-bandage. The only time this is an exception is if the tattoo will be exposed to conditions that could compromise its cleanliness. For example if you work as a mechanic or in construction and the tattoo is in an exposed area where it may get dirty, you may re-bandage it, with a non-stick bandage while you work. Be sure to clean it off and air it out as soon as possible after the risk of contamination if this is the case.


8. if you are using an ointment, after the initial 4-6 days, you may switch to an unscented lotion to keep your tattoo from drying out.


After a few days you may notice some peeling and possibly a little scabbing. Excessive scabbing can indicate a poorly done tattoo, but some scabbing may be normal. It is at this point in the healing process that your tattoo will begin to itch. RESIST THE URGE TO SATISFY YOUR DESIRE TO SCRATCH, RUB, OR PICK at the tattoo. Also after about a week or so you tattoo may look faded as it heals, give it time and the color will brighten back up, usually around 2-4 weeks when the tattoo is almost completely healed.


Remember -- the first few days and weeks (for a new tattoo) are probably the most important for your new tattoo. Make sure you care for it properly. Consult a physician or seek medical attention if you experience symptoms such as excessive swelling, redness, yellow or green discharge, fever, or infection.



1. Go swimming or soak in a hot tub or bath for 2-4 weeks until the tattoo is completely healed.


2. Use hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol on your tattoo as it is healing.


3. Itch, pick, or scratch the tattoo


4. Participate in activities that will make you sweat excessily.



1. Stay out of the sun or keep the tattooed area covered with clothing while in the sun until your tattoo has healed completely. Avoid sun burn, as it is bad for any tattoo, most especially while it is healing.


2. Apply sun block to your tattoo after it has healed whenever it is exposed to the sun to protect it from damaging ultraviolet rays.  


3. Call or text us at 810-705-1759 if you have any questions or concerns!

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